Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most versatile cuisine you will ever come across.  It is basically the food from traditions that run along the Mediterranean Sea. That is why we our proud to serve not only traditional Greek, but Italian and fresh seafood dishes as well.

Greeks approach food with a combination of seriousness and nostalgia, inevitably thinking back to the dishes they were raised on. They don’t eat to live but rather live to eat, and a meal is almost always a social, convivial occasion, which revives the original meaning of companionship – people who broke bread together.

In Greece, a lunch or dinner can last for hours, and the more people gathered at the table the better, for good food and good wine bring good talk. So, sit down and prepare to enjoy yourself. You will start with a series of starters presented on little plates and designed to open your appetite. They may be accompanied by ouzo, the national drink, schnapps-like tsipouro, or of course wine. Next, choose your favorite main course, and leave some room for a dessert.

Starters and Salads

Italian Entrees

Greek Entrees

Seafood Entrees



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