Neighborhood of the Gods
Opa! Eat, Drink, Laugh, Dance and Party.

The Greek Atlanta Cafe, Welcome to Taverna Plaka

There are many generic restaurants when one goes out for Atlanta dining. Howver, if you want to transport yourself to the Greek islands, there is only one restaurant that will take you there in a flash of a second, Taverna Plaka. This truly authentic Greek restaurant has entertained and fed Atlantans for the last seven years with delicious Greek food and real Greek entertainment.

The Greek Atlanta Cafe - Taverna Plaka

A taverna in Greece is a neighborhood cafe/bar and restaurant that is the center of the social life of the many small villages. Not only does Taverna Plaka have delicious food but it has the best Zorba dancing shows in America. You would have to travel to New york or Miami to see comparable shows. The staff will periodically stop what they are doing throughout the night and dance the Zorba, the dance we all love to see. The dance around the restaurant and if the mood strikes you, you too can join them and dance. We have been known to dance the Zorba with as many as one hundred guests.

Don't forget to enjoy the belly dancers. They are so gracious and do the authentic dances of Greece including the flame dance with fire blazing on their heads. With all that it looks like you are at a real Greek wedding. The atmosphere is filled with laughter and everyone feels like they have traveled to the far off islands of Greece. Just imagine a Greek wedding nightly with cocktail napkins flying in the air and hearing the joy of people laughing and really having a great time. Where else can you go to get delicious food and feel happy at the same time.

This Atlanta Cafe serves up only a traditional Greek menu. They have the ever so popular spreads such as tzatziki, hummus, eggplant spread, and htipiti (the feta and roasted red bell pepper spread). There are the traditional Greek salads such as the horiatiki salad made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta, and black kalamata olives with an oregano, olive oil and balsamic dressing. Have you ever had the famous Greek flaming cheese? You must really try this. It is so delicious. There are two choices of flaming cheese, the halloumi or the kefalograviera cheese. The servers bring it out and flame it tableside with ouzo, the traditional Greek aperatife. It really is delicious.

Taverna Plaka has many of the famous Greek entrees too such as Mousaka, Pastichio, Gyros plate, Lamb, Chicken, and Beef Kabobs, Lamb Gouvetsi, lamb chops, beeftekia and many more. So the next time you want to go to Greece for the night, don't forget the Atlanta Cafe that transports you in a felt swoop to the Greek islands; Taverna Plaka.